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This blog, AI | AD, exists to explore and wrestle with ideas and issues that Christians face while living their lives between two worlds*. The first world Christians live in is one of sin and brokenness caused by “The Fall”. The other being one being defined by “The Resurrection”, where Christ forgave us of our sins so that we could pursue His will for our lives without the fear of condemnation.

Click on the page, “AI | AD: The Narrative”, for an explanation behind the title of the blog!

Blogs below will encompass a wide variety of topics, and they will all be written with the purpose of starting conversations about key issues that vex modern society. I hope to write in what I refer to as a “Scalpel “style and not a “Knife” style. What that means is that I hope to write in a way that pierces the flesh of issues to get to the source of their problems so that I may expose, diagnose and hopefully heal issues that plague those stuck between these two worlds. What I hope to reframe from is writing in a Knife style, which I define as writing in a way that attacks issues without purpose or direction. Writers who write with a Knife style, usually aim to accomplish nothing more than popularity and applause which is evident in their use of rhetoric, fear mongering, logical fallacies, and other problematic literary devices that result in long winded and often mindless and hostile written pieces.

I always try to write with the intent to reflect the love of Christ. I pray that you read with the intent to understand. And above all, praise Jesus Christ in all things.

Click on the page, "AI | AD: The Narrative", 
for the explanation behind the title of the blog!

*The phrase “Between Two Worlds” is actually the title of a 2010 album released by Christian Hip Hop Artist, Trip Lee.