What is this blog about?

This blog, AI | AD, exists to explore and wrestle with ideas and issues that Christians face while living in today’s world. The story behind the title of this blog is the story of the world. You see, I like to say that being a Christian in this world is like living life live between two worlds*. This is because as Christians we hold two interconnected beliefs of reality that frame our view of the world in which we live. The first reality of “The Fall”  is the “AI” reality, and the latter reality of “The Gospel”  is the “AD”. Let’s talk about them both.

The first reality that Christians live in light of is the reality of “The Fall”. This reality is based on the Christian’s belief that the world we live in is broken because of the sins of mankind. We believe that God’s creation was initially perfect and wholly beautiful until we ruined it with our sin that has infected nature, created diseases, and has led us to harm and kill ourselves and each other. We believe that this has been the nature of the world ever since Adam and Eve first sinned in the Garden of Eden. 

The second reality Chrsitians live in light of is “The Gospel” which is based on the Christians belief in the deity, life, works, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus, the second person of the Trinity, came to Earth and that He took on flesh to be with His creation. Jesus, who was fully man and fully God, felt our pain, sufferings, and temptations but never sinned.

He withstood test after test from the sins of others and from the attacks of the devil. He stood firm and never sinned as he proclaimed the good news of the Kingdom of God. His claims to be Messiah, and to be God led to Him receiving a criminal’s death to pay on a roman cross. He willingly took that cross to pay the price of our sin and to offer His perfect life for all those who would believe that He is savior and Lord.  

Furthermore, Jesus Christ resurrected with full power and authority over the earth. Then, before He ascended back to Heaven, He promised that he would one day return to reign over the Earth. When He returns, He will judge the living and the dead, restore creation back to it’s perfect state, and eradicate sin, death, and evil.

So why “AI” and “AD” you may ask? Go to the page: “AI | AD: THE NARRATIVE”, for an explanation behind why “The Fall” is “AI” and why “The Gospel” is “AD”.

What can you expect from the blog post?

The goal of this blog is simple: This blog exist to help Christians love God and their Neighbor as they navigate live in this fallen world. The blog will include a wide variety of topics, and they will all be written with the purpose of starting conversations about key issues that Christians face today. The blog post will always include scripture, sometimes include book references and sparingly pop-culture references for fun.

I try to write my post in a “Scalpel” style and not a “Knife” style. Scalpels are used to make precise cuts, and although they do leave scars, their incisions are often used for the betterment of those who receive them. Similarly, I try to write my blog post as if I am piercing the flesh of issues so I can get to the source of their problems and expose, diagnose, and hopefully heal issues that plague those who wrestle with the the topic.

What I hope to refrain from is writing in a Knife style, which I define as writing in a way that attacks issues without love, purpose, and direction. Writers who write with a Knife style, usually aim to accomplish nothing more than gaining popularity and applause through attacking people with their words. They don’t seek understanding, but instead they love to quarrel. This is often evident in their use of rhetoric, fear mongering, logical fallacies, and other problematic literary devices that result in long winded and often mindless and hostile written pieces.

Lastly, I aim to always write with the intent to reflect the love of Christ. I pray that you read with the intent to understand. And above all, praise Jesus Christ in all things.

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*The phrase “Between Two Worlds” is actually the title of a 2010 album released by Christian Hip Hop Artist, Trip Lee.