The AI AD Podcast

Have you ever had to break hard news to a friend but chose not to text them because a call would be a better medium for the conversation? Similarly, have you ever had great news and figured that it needed to be shared over a voice note instead of via text. A text post can fail to convey a persons full range of feelings about a topic, whereas an audio recording can capture much more of the passion a writer may have. Because of the limits that text post placed on me, I decided I wanted to start a podcast.

The problem with starting a podcast is that I kept on putting it off. It most likely would have never happened had it not been for my friend Tim Tripp who asked me to start a Podcast with him. Together we hope to use the Bible and its’ wisdom to help believers love God and their Neighbors better. We hope the podcast format can convey the full range of thoughts, feelings, and emotions we feel about the topics we pick.

The AI AD Podcast, similar to the blog, will hold all kinds of content. It will include things such as: Bible teachings, Apologetics, news commentaries, interviews, debates and more. Ideally the AI AD Podcast will grow in followers and in quality with each new episode, but in the end the goal is to not be famous but instead to be faithful. Please look at the Links below to check out the Podcast:

The AI AD Podcast: Apple Podcast

The AI AD Podcast: Spotify

The AI AD Podcast: Anchor & Others